Scorpion Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) Systems

Scorpion is the solution for buildings with hard-to-access detectors. Suitable for both Point and Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems, Scorpion ensures all smoke detectors can be tested – regardless of location.

The Scorpion ASD head is a smoke generator, permanently mounted adjacent to an ASD sampling point - typically at the end of a pipe run. Just one Scorpion is needed for each pipe run regardless of the number of sampling points. The generator provides a benign and effectively non contaminating stimulus with a particulate lifetime in excess of 120 seconds over 100 metre pipe runs. From its permanently fixed position, Scorpion is able to provide over 240 controlled and repeatable tests over time.


  •  Smoke generation tailored for functional testing of ASD systems and point type smoke detectors
  •  Adjustable smoke time to suit characteristics of system under test
  •  Transport time function to monitor ongoing ASD system performance

Testing capacity

  •  In excess of 240 tests per Scorpion

ASD Particle lifetime

  •  Suitable for 120 seconds / 100 metre pipe runs

Suitable ASD technologies

  •  Light scatter
  •  Particle counting
  •  Cloud chambers


  •  Helps comply with national and international standards on testing of fire systems

Pedigree & Approvals

  • The Scorpion system is designed and manufactured by the world's leading (and only ISO 9001 registered) specialist manufacturer of fire detector test equipment.
  • We work closely with detector manufacturers from around the globe and have done so for many years. Scorpion has been tested and proven to work with a number of manufacturers systems, with more being added continuously.