Detector Sensitivity Testing

Trutest enables fire alarm technicians to measure the sensitivity of installed smoke detectors quickly, accurately, easily, and professionally. A revolutionary product, Trutest not only introduces a smoke test aerosol through the vents of the installed detector to the sensing chamber, but operates using a precision closed loop system - measuring smoke obscuration and feeding back information to a controlling microprocessor.

Trutest 801 Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester

  • UL Listed
  • Readings measured in % / ft
  • Self calibrates before testing
  • Reduces false alarms – a huge problem in the industry
  • Battery operated and easily portable
  • Simple to use
  • Suits most detectors – both ionization and photoelectric
  • Calibrated and results in % / ft
  • Automatically self-calibrates before each test
  • Measures actual detector sensitivity
  • Test detectors in place. No need to remove detector


Trutest800 Kit

  • 1 x Trutest 801 Smoke Detector Sensitivity Tester
  • 12 x Trutest Smoke 400 Detector Test Aerosol Canisters
  • Storage case and pole bag
  • 1 x Solo Telescopic Access Pole



Trutest 400 Smoke Detector Test Aerosol

  • For use with Trutest 801
  • Non-flammable
  • UL Listed
  • Code Requirements